How to configure Parrot OS on VMware Fusion (Mac OS)

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I spent a lot of time trying to configure Parrot OS the way I wanted, that is: having the same keyboard than the Host, and a good display that keeps a decent resolution when switching between my computer and an external monitor.

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I ultimately found a way to resolve these issues:

Configure the keyboard (french azerty on Mac)

The keyboard configuration in Parrot OS is quite weird, because we have to configure it 2 times, differently:

  1. Configure the system keyboard (thanks to

The system keyboard is the one you interact with when you spawn a terminal when you are still not connected to your user account in a MATE desktop environment, and when you are still on the login page.

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Modèle du clavier :                       "PC générique 105 touches (intl)"
Pays d'origine du clavier :               "Français"
Disposition du clavier :                  "Français - Français (Macintosh)"
Touche destinée à se substituer à AltGr : "Touche Alt de gauche"
Touche compose :                          "Touche « logo » de gauche"
  1. Configure the Mate Desktop keyboard

This keyboard configuration is the one you’ll interact with the most. This one is a bit trickier, so you’ll need to dive into the settings:

System > Preferences > Hardware > Keyboard > Layouts

(french version) Système > Préférences > Matériel > Clavier > Agencements

  • Add a new keyboard: French French (Macintosh)
  • Remove the other existing keyboards
  • In Keyboard model (modèle du clavier): select Macbook/MacBook Pro (int.)

You can now try typing in order to test the settings.

Configure the Display

On Vmware Fusion the Retina display can cause issues with scaling components, so make sure you unselect it:

VMware SettingsDisplay > (unselect) Use full resolution for Retina display.

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